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BNR: Non-governmental loan up 1.4pct in June 2021

At end-June 2021, loans to non-government sector granted by credit institutions increased 1.4 percent (1.1 percent in real terms) from May 2021 to RON 300,321.7 million, according to data published on Friday by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

RON-denominated loans, representing 71.1 percent of total volume of loans to non-government sector, moved up 2.1 percent, whilst foreign currency-denominated loans, representing 28.9 percent of total loans to non-government sector, decreased 0.5 percent when expressed in RON (down 0.6 percent when expressed in EUR).

In year-on-year comparison, loans to non-government sector advanced 11.2 percent (7.0 percent in real terms), on the back of the 16.6 percent increase in RON-denominated loans (12.2 percent in real terms) and the 0.3 percent decrease in foreign currency-denominated loans expressed in RON (down 2.0 percent when expressed in EUR), Agerpres informs.

Credit to general government went down 0.9 percent in June 2021 from the previous month to RON 159,422.7 million and moved up 21.3 percent (16.7 percent in real terms) year on year.

At end-June 2021, broad money (M3) amounted to RON 519,456.5 million, up 2.7 percent (2.4 percent in real terms) month on month and 17.1 percent (12.6 percent in real terms) year on year.

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